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"Integrated Astrology"
in New York City:


A new approach to teaching astrology that I am calling “Integrated Astrology," a comprehensive presentation that anyone, at any level, can benefit from. The ongoing weekly course is designed to be easy and relevant to any level of understanding, not just for beginner, intermediate, or advanced studies. Informative, easy-to-apply information will help you understand the language of astrology and will introduce an expanded way of thinking and probing the events of your personal and professional life that are triggered by astrological charts and transits.


$150- Series of 6 Classes

Class Schedule:
"Integrated Astrology"
in New York City:


Weekly Classes Thoughout The Summer

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: Starting June 17th, 2015, 6:30–8:30 PM


Location: A.R.A.S. (The Archive for Research in Archtypal Symbolism),

at the Carl G. Jung Institute, 28 EAST 39th Street – on the THIRD FLOOR – New York, NY (between Madison and Park, just south of Grand Central Station)


Payments Can Be Made At The Door In Cash Or In Advance Through PayPal. To Send An Advance Payment Through Paypal Please Email Me Through The Contact Section.


"Integrated Astrology"
on Long Island:

Integrated Astrology is an innovative, organic, and trailblazing approach to teaching astrology that does not require a detailed background in chart calculation or planetary movement. It is an in-depth exploration of the MEANING of an astrological chart. It shows us the benefit of thousands of years of research & development in the way an individual relates to "cosmic consciousness."


Astrology is really a merging of planets, psychology, symbolism, and myth. If one of these key elements is left out, the rest cannot convey the meaning by themselves.  


Anyone—regardless of their level of study and accomplishment—can benefit. Explore the “mandala of consciousness” to CREATE rather than just administrate life.


$132- Series of 4 Classes

Class Schedule:
"Integrated Astrology"
on Long Island:


4 SATURDAY MORNINGS in August, 2015: 
August 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2015, 10 AM–12 Noon

Location: Center of Inner Wisdom, 110 Second Street, Hicksville, NY


$132 prepaid pre-registration for all 4 classes — cash, check, credit card, or Paypal — to Lily Rubenstein - Center of Inner Wisdom (see below)


Contact for Scheduling, Info & Payments: 

Lily Rubinstein, Director - Center of Inner Wisdom / 516-681-2583


IThe study of astrology will help you to develop a practical application to your personal and business matters. The subjects will be presented in a supportive, step-by-step approach so that it allows each stage of study to be a foundation for the next stage of information, which helps you to start building a clear understanding of the structure of the subject.

1. Introductory Level:


The Planets, The Signs, The Houses - The information, and techniques of applying it, is presented in a welcoming and supportive manner that allows for a clear, simplified understanding of the information so that it can be used immediately.



2. Intermediate Level:


Understanding Aspects, Blending Planets and Signs, The Charts of Relationships – This is where the fun, and the meaning, of astrology starts to reveal itself by understanding how planets interact with each other through a simplified, easy-to understand introduction to Aspects and Angles. These are the stage directions” given to the planets as they move around the chart and trigger potentials and understanding of the events in the life journey.



3. Advanced Level:


Learning how charts relate to each other – This gives insight into the compatibility of a person’s natal chart with the chart of another person, corporation, event, or even country. It opens up choice as to how to react to another being or another event. Also, charts are not static. They are always evolving by progression. Confining all of your questions to just your natal chart is the equivalent of putting your baby picture on your passport.  Where did you start?  Where are you now?  Where are you going?



Class Schedule:


Introductory Level Class: 6 Weekly Classes Starting Wednesday, January 28th,  2015 / 7-9PM / Location To Be Announced.


Intermediate Level Class: 6 Weekly Classes Starting Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 / 7-9PM / Location To Be Announced.


Advanced Level Class: 6 Weekly Classes Starting Saturday,

January 31st, 2015 / 2-4PM / Location To Be Announced.


Payments Can Be Made At The Door In Cash Or In Advance Through PayPal. To Send An Advanced Payment Through Paypal Please Email Me Through The Contact Section.


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