The Quantum Voyage Podcast w/Monty Taylor


Join Monty Taylor on an adventure of the Inner Voyage where astrology and the wisdom of mythology meet the perspectives of legendary psychologist Carl Jung to show us that our current lives are unfolding according to our own perspectives of (what we think of as) actual reality.


In short, it is the search to find the answers within ourselves.


“The Quantum Voyage” is a format for guests from the fields of holistic living, metaphysics, and the arts to display how they serve as a mirror to our individual and collective understanding of the way our thoughts are creating our realities.


“Metaphysics is really just Quantum Physics, poetically expressed.” The Arts are the doorway to Higher Consciousness. The way our lives mirror our understanding of how we are actualizing our authentic sense of self is the key to charting the course of discovering our own magnificence.

This is the Quantum Voyage we all must take.