“What an amazing, literally life-changing gift you have! It provides guidance and answers for which I’ve realized I’ve been waiting a lifetime. I was humbled by the reading and your interpretation—it is guidance for me for the rest of my life. I’ve already recommended you to 7 people. It’s such a seminal opportunity. Thank you." - D.W.


“I can’t express how helpful your insights were for me. I felt like you gave me the instruction manual to my soul.” - M. J.


“You changed the course of my life. You are the special angel in my life when I was lost. Thank you!”  - L. H.


“Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. You gave me back my clarity.”  -  A. A.


“You gave me a new insight into myself. My decisions concerning major life decisions are clear to me now.” - Dr. A. DC.





“Monty, you just taught the class of the century today.” -  K.F.


“What a wonderful afternoon. You make astrology come alive through connecting the relevance to me, the person in the chart, rather than some complicated mathematical [equation]. Most people would like to know what you have forgotten. Gratefully” - M.G.


“I thoroughly enjoyed and LEARNED so much with your mentoring in my advanced astrology class with you. You are a special and unique soul and I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to cross paths with you.  I am so looking forward to another class with
you.” - L.S.





“Thank you again for a great workshop! You are such a clear and focused teacher that you make even esoteric information comprehensible and your wealth of knowledge and deep foundation in your subject is so evident. Your passion for astrology is evident too and I think passion is a necessary hallmark of a great teacher.  You swept us all along with humor and style." - A.S.


“I have spent my whole career working with metaphysics and I have never met anyone like you. Monty, you are truly a teacher of teachers and a healer of healers.”  - M.B.





"Hello Talking Alternative, I just recently discovered your radio shows, and wanted to thank you for your broadcasting. I particularly enjoy Montgomery Taylor's show, called Living Consciously. I am fascinated by the information on astrology in practical everyday terms. I never thought learning astrology could be so much fun. I love, love, LOVE the one show that he did on the "A,B,C's of astrology"! That one show in particular was amazing, and I've re-listened to it about four separate times now. That man seems to know something about everything. Could you please consider doing more Montgomery Taylor shows dedicated solely to teaching the juicy tid-bits of astrology?" - T.H.


“It’s comforting to listen to you on the radio…like listening to an old friend (old in sense of familiar!) whom you respect and admire.  Your voice is so calming as well!   You sound so comforting…knowledgeable...focused…wise. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous gift.  It means a lot to us to know people like you exist at such a difficult time in our lives right now.” - M.B.

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